#rhaitalks 13 — Mentimeter can still save your day, I betcha

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“Back-to-back meetings” — Sorry, I am sick and tired of working from home.

My work style demands movement, daily challenges and some kinhin (walking meditation) around the office when I get too stressed. And if you know me, you have probably heard me complaining since our Offices were closed again, after the Omicron variant popped up. And I still wonder — why should you care more to understand what a community (working from home) is about? Mostly because we are people, and people should care. Interpersonal relationships are built with trust, right?

Last week, I dropped this very behavioral analysis of Innocent on two slack channels I am in with Colombian and the US folks. This said, then how to run easy surveys and instantly get the reactions you need about your team health? It does not matter much for some peers whether they’re pausing or not for a bit during Holidays, working from home is the real struggle, less patience and Steve keeps on mute — this is so me poking Steve. Also realized the wording “safe space” would be applied in every meeting since I started working for big techs and creative environment. But then I reassessed it with myself. Now I wonder, why sharing my state of mind would help others?

Happy Friday, Product Managers. Let’s bond! As part of our Weekly Syncs, we also wanna know how you guys are doing. It’s our year #3 at home — how we greeted people on the Mentimeter intro slide.

I set random premises/outcomes in order to getting my thoughts around:

  • You are 100% not sure what is happening in a work environment
  • You are 80% sure about what is happening but want to check-in
  • You are 50% not sure what is happening in a work environment

Well, Mentimeter was the tool chosen once again: free, UX friendly, real-time results, and we can be fun. Way straight forward, no complex data. We don’t need to rebuild the wheel to be efficient. Survey had two simple questions for a 15-size audience and team ended up having a discussion for one hour. Yay!

Question 1: How does it feel to come back in early 2022?
Question 2: In general: why do you feel this way?

Some Findings

In our current forum with Colombian folks, there were more people energetic than bored, and this is the best finding I could get as a host— because I would doubt that could be the answer! I swear. People can be physically tired, but New Year vibes bring hope for everyone, and it changes all of your mental state. Some peers can feel energized after a week off — even though their workload was not very intense when they left in late December.

I went to Costa Rica, surfed some tiny waves and felt like a Queen for 8 days. Here I am now and “feels like we are running in circles” — as our peers confirmed. The idea of being at home and dealing with the same problems can make us feel so checked out easily. In another hand, some people also shared since December their workload was very significant — so pausing for a week made them reenergize properly. When you hear people saying they feel the same you wonder — Oh, I am not alone and am being supported, right?

Some steps ahead

  • Both Colombia Discipline Director and VP Program & Product joined the bonding session. Surprisingly most people opened their camera, vertical hierarchy is not something we support and we should aim to live it!
  • A Google Doc called “COL Product Sync Prompts | Bonding” was created to drop random ideas when they pop up, any ideas of how to bond better with this Colombian product forum is welcome during Q1 and beyond. To drop your thoughts and recap soon.
  • A new invite was dropped on Google Calendar and bookmarked on the Slack group channel too — called “COL Product | Venting sessions *free agenda”. Purpose being Daily, all day, join when you need any support.

Why should you care more to understand ourselves then? Because we just CARE, because we can be heard and our words resonate. That’s it! Let’s keep creative in a daily basis and keep using free tools that embrace our needs and help us to deal with the new variant Omicron in a slightly better way. Happy Wednesday, everyone. Three days to go.

Text by Rhaissa V.
Brazilian, mild OCD and photophobia. Loves wasabi and contradicts herself. Been reading about career management, communities, and mental health. Works as a Senior Product Manager at Huge Medellín, Colombia.



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