Photo by Matt Moloney on Unsplash

Here’s a ritual.
The smell of coffee.

It is your smallest daily big bang. The reason why you wake up every day.

Rituals can be priceless. Heartbeats increase. You realize it is Thursday morning and it doesn’t make you kill yourself. You like feeling those crazy beats though. Your teeth get darker. You need some boost. You’re thankful you just made some coffee for yourself though. You’re late to the call. You say you shouldn’t have made your coffee.

30 minutes later, we question why you did it — again.

Caffeine is not kicking in after two hours. You’re on automatic pilot.

You go back and make some coffee. You’re so bored now.

Text by Rhaissa V.
Been reading about mental health, consulting, and communities. Airbnb rider and Travel Enthusiast. Product Advocate at Huge Inc.